Price Guide

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What to buy?


Here’s a few things we love for newborns

  1. hand and foot on wood- $64
  2. hand and foot plaque- $42
  3. hand and foot frame $80
  4. 4 prints on wood (one child, under 1, $80)
  5. 4 prints on plaque- $80
  6. 3 print angel on wood- $95
  7. single hand and feet as ornaments -$25

Newborn with Siblings

We love anything hand in hand with newborns inside their older siblings prints, don’t miss out in this- it won’t last long

This can be done to anything including 3 print angels, flowers, etc.

  1. Hand in Hand-$30
  2. Hand in Hand ring Bowl- $40
  3. Hand in hand angel on wood $41

All the Kids- They’re never too big

Here’s our favorites for including everyone:

  1. Family hand in hand- $40
  2. Hands in Wood- 25$ per print plus $20 for wood
  3. 3 print angel- $75
  4. hand in hand plaque- $65
  5. Birds on wood- $35 per bird plus 25$ on wood
  6. Hand on Frame – 25$ per hand, Plus $30 for frame
  7. platter- $90

Hands on wood with name plaque 20$ per print plus 20$ for wood

Just for the Fun of It

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  Platters-90$, plaques $75 on wood $95

We have so many items and lots of custom work too!  Here’s a few you might see at our our shows.

  1. hand and foot heart, $50-
  2. hand flower plaque- $70
  3. 2 hands with large plaque and flowers- $82
  4. 2 hand platter with raised embellishments-
  5. 3 birds on wood $105

Christmas Ornaments

Santa, reindeer, birds, specialty ornaments- 35$

Small cookie plate -$42

Large cookie- $65

Cookie platter- $90

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  1. How much is the one with the 3 hands in one? I would like to get mine,my husband, and our daughters done like the one to the top right of the 3 birds on the wood at the beginning of the video.

  2. How much would be three child’s hands. One for each of my girls. And could you do a baby’s hand or foot at age 5 months?

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