Price Sheets

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Single hand or foot print- $25

Specialty items: bird, hand angel, foot angel, fish -$35

3 print angel (2 hands, 1 foot) – $75  4 print (2 hands, 2 feet)- $95

Bell Angel (can accommodate multiple children depending on hand size)- $95

Hand and foot on wood- $64

Small hand and foot plaque- $45

Platters small-$70   large- $90

wood backing (depending on the type and size you choose) 6-35$

glass frames- $30

rope frame- $20

Silver:                                                           Single pendants, $65                             Chains and tags $10-15$

Silhouettes: medium 5×7 on wood  $65 large 8×10 on wood $80




  1. How much is the one with the 3 hands in one? I would like to get mine,my husband, and our daughters done like the one to the top right of the 3 birds on the wood at the beginning of the video.

  2. How much would be three child’s hands. One for each of my girls. And could you do a baby’s hand or foot at age 5 months?

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