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Hands in Clay

Print Kit- please read product description

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1 packet contains enough material to print 4 prints for a newborn, 2 packages will print hands and feet of a child under 4.  If you are printing multiple children I would suggest 1 package will print 2 hands for children under 6....   Your kit will include instructions, a return label, and all the information you need to place your order.  You do not have to place your order at the same time you buy your kit.  If you need help deciding how much material to purchase, shoot us a message.  Molds made from a kit make a raised print.  Please read below! Also, see a video under kit kit highlight reel on our Instagram page.

@handsinclayjo on Instagram or

Common Questions?


1.  Can the material be reused if I don't make a good print?  Yes, you can rework the material and try as many times as you need to to get the print you desire.  The mold bakes in the oven at 275 for a few minutes to hold its shape.  If you have any problems we will help you!

2.. How many times can you use my mold?  LOTS of times,  we just need 1 mold for all of your products....  if you are making something that requires multiple prints, like hand and feet, we will need a mold of each print you are wanting to use;). Molds from a kit make a raised print. And reverse of what you send in.  


Information about the product we use can be found and purchased here as well if we are out of stock.  If you purchase Sculpey from another source, you are responsible for the return shipping.

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