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We do not mail kits.  You can purchase a material called Amazing Mold Putty to make your impression. You can purchase it at any Micheal’s and online. You can purchase it online too, here’s the link:
(Sometimes it’s out of stock, you can also find it on amazon, and walmart’s website. Possibly hobby lobby as well.)
Michaels has a 40% off coupon they offer weekly I always use when purchasing. It’s on their app. and online.
Please read all the way through he instructions  before beginning.

1.  Set out a piece of plastic to lay your mixed putty on

2. Mix two equal parts of the putty together, big enough for your hand or foot then press it deeply into the material. The deeper the print the easier it is to make a mold of the impression. Once you’ve mixed the putty together, it starts to harden. You have just a couple of minutes of work time so be prepared to use it as soon as you make your “pancake”.

3. Set your pancake on plastic wrap or a ziplock bag.

4. Put a small amount of lotion or olive oil on your child hand.  Press in your hand or foot!  It’s always good to have a helper.  Make sure your kids are happy before beginning.  You can make a pancake out of play dough and practice a few times with them before beginning the process with your actual material.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Press in each finger and palm of the hand.

5. Wait 20 minutes and pick up your mold. It will be a hardened piece of rubber. Drop it in your ziplock bag and put it in the mail.
We can reuse the mold if you want multiple pieces you don’t have to make 4 hands if you want 4 items.
6. Mail it!

Our address is
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Let us know if we can be of any assistance!