Our storefront studio is located in Jackson, MS.

1481 Canton Mart Road Suite C Jackson, MS 39211

Phone: 601-519-5562

Have a question? Send us an email. handsinclayjo@gmail.com

Job Openings:

1. Event Representative

This position is for a motivated people person with ceramic experience or art degree preferred. Job duties include traveling out of town to handle appointment days at various locations–often 1-2 days per weeks, taking orders and making hand impressions. While not traveling, one may also be able to work in our Jackson store as needed. One must be able to deal with customers and small children and be personable. Most events are on Fridays and Saturdays, sometimes will require overnight stay out of town. Full job training will take 3-6 months minimum, so one MUST be willing to learn! If you think you might be a good fit for this position, send us your resume! info@claymoontile.com

2. Part time worker

This position is as needed. We roll clay, stain, and cut wood among other tasks, primarily at our warehouse location. If you’d like do do some fun crafty manual labor, give us a shout. FLEXIBLE HOURS!




  1. Where are y’all actually located at? I would be coming up I-55 and do you have to have an appointment to get your grandchilds hands and feet done?

    1. We are in canton mart, you’d get on the frontage road from the Northside drive exit headed north

      1491 canton mart road
      Suite 1 a
      Jackson ms 39211

      As long as it’s during impression times your ok. Not to have an appointment. Monday and Wednesday 12:30-5
      Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10-3

  2. I want to add a hand/foot print but can’t come to you~ is there a kit I can get to make the impressions and then have one of these made?

    1. It just depends. We have dates at events on Saturdays. We have one coming up at Pink Possum Boutique in Gluckstadt Mississippi and at nursery rhymes in Highland Village Jackson Mississippi at the end of July. We are up in weekly at our store and Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays. And we can schedule special appointments at other times if we can plan in advance and make sure someone is available to meet you.

  3. I am interested in having my 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s paws done (it’s 3 dogs. Not a 3-legged dog). Would you email me the information? They’re getting older and this would be a great thing to have for a long time.

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